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    United Lex Hires Ex-Forrest Solutions SVP

    Kansas-based data and professional services company UnitedLex announced Thursday that a former senior vice president at outsourcing and staffing provider Forrest Solutions would manage the eastern region of its litigation and investigations division.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    The legal industry saw another busy week as firms merged and BigLaw continued to lavish associates with raises and bonuses before the end of the year. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse’s weekly quiz.

  • Litigation Support Co. Array Acquires Denver-Based LSi

    Texas-based litigation support firm Array has acquired Denver-based litigation solutions company LSi, its third acquisition in the past six months.

  • AI Tools Doing The Work Of Early-Career Attys, Pros Say

    Law professors and practicing attorneys speaking at the Berkeley-Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute on Thursday agreed artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important tool in the industry and quickly replacing work typically done by early-career attorneys, while cautioning that law firms must disclose their use of the technology to clients and courts.

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    Polsinelli PC Promotes IT Director To Chief Information Officer

    National firm Polsinelli PC has promoted its director of information technology infrastructure and transformation to be its new chief information officer, replacing an administrator who left earlier this year to become chief technology officer at K&L Gates LLP.

  • French Tech Co. Leeway Becomes Tomorro, Closes Series A

    Paris-based contract management startup Leeway has announced on Thursday a rebrand to Tomorro, as well as the raising of €11 million (around $11.9 million) in a Series A funding round.

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    Legal Tech Co. HaystackID Hires Ex-WH Cybersecurity Officer

    Washington, D.C.-based e-discovery service HaystackID has announced the addition of a former deputy chief information security officer at the White House under former President Donald Trump.

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    How In-House Depts. Can Save On Outside Counsel Costs

    In-house legal departments can reduce how much they spend on outside legal work by having smaller BigLaw firms or regional and boutique firms do their low-risk, run-of-the-mill work, according to a report released Thursday by e-billing and matter management software provider Brightflag.

  • Kit Aims To Streamline Court Filing, Ease Access To Justice

    Stanford Law School's Filing Fairness Project announced this week the launch of its Filing Fairness Toolkit, an interactive guide for use by state courts to standardize court filing systems and open the door for legal technologies to more easily embed themselves across jurisdictions.

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    GCs, CLOs Expect To Give More Work To Law Firms In 2024

    Top corporate lawyers are spending more on outside counsel, and many think they will increase that amount further in 2024 because of their various legal needs, from new matters to regulatory headwinds to employee activism, according to a report released Wednesday.

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    Legal Tech Co. Opus 2 Names 2nd CEO In 3 Years

    Law firm software and services company Opus 2 welcomed a new CEO on Tuesday, adding an executive with more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software and services organizations.

  • GWU Establishes IP, Privacy & Tech Law Center

    George Washington University Law School is launching an intellectual property and privacy and technology law center, focused on preparing future lawyers for careers in those industries through new courses and other opportunities, according to a Monday announcement.

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    Fla. Bar Passes On Atty Investments In Non-Atty-Owned Firms

    The Florida Bar's board of governors has scrapped a proposed advisory opinion that would have allowed Sunshine State attorneys to passively invest in out-of-state law firms using alternative business structures under certain conditions, dropping the tentative decision after receiving negative feedback from past bar presidents.

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    EY Closing Legal Services Business Riverview Law

    EY is shuttering EY Riverview Law, an alternative legal services business it acquired more than five years ago, the Big Four accounting firm confirmed to Law360 on Tuesday.

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    Ga. Radio Host Says OpenAI Must Face Defamation Suit

    A radio host has called on a Georgia state court to reject OpenAI's latest bid to erase his defamation suit, wherein he accuses the artificial intelligence developer of producing a fake complaint that wrongly names the host as a defendant.

  • Orrick Hit With Another Suit Over Data Leak

    Law firm Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP has been hit with another proposed class action lawsuit connected to the data breach the firm experienced in March, where the personal identifying information of almost half a million people was exposed.

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    Law Services Provider LegalShield Adds 2 Senior Leaders

    Law services provider LegalShield said Monday that it was adding an experienced software engineer as its chief technology officer and an attorney as vice president of lawyer services, a year after its current chief executive officer joined the company.

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    Legal Tech Company's Australian Units Enter Liquidation

    The questionable future of the legal technology company Immediation became more clear Friday when the company's three Australian entities were placed in liquidation.

  • French Legal Tech Co. Doctrine Adds Employment Tool In Deal

    Legal intelligence platform Forseti SAS, which does business as Doctrine, expanded its reach in employment law by acquiring fellow France-based legal tech company Jobexit on Monday.

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    Former Clerks Say Justice O'Connor Still Worth Emulating

    BigLaw attorneys mentored by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who died Friday after a lengthy battle with dementia, say she'll be remembered as an incisive jurist who always put facts and practical considerations above abstract ideological commitments, as well as a deeply gracious and down-to-earth woman who never let her dedication to the law overshadow her zest for life.

  • 4 Decisions For Which Justice O'Connor Will Be Remembered

    Many of the hotly divided cases at the U.S. Supreme Court came down to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a central force on the bench whose savviness at striking compromises and taking a pragmatic approach to resolve disputes is on full display in four opinions.

  • Everest Discovery Appoints Director Of Operations

    Philadelphia-based litigation support and e-discovery provider Everest Discovery LLC announced Wednesday the appointment of a director of operations to oversee the production and project management of its e-discovery services.

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    Legal Tech Roundup: Valid8, Nexl Score Funding

    Two legal technology companies, one involved in forensic accounting and the other in relationship management, secured new funding rounds this week.

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    Justice O'Connor Shattered Barriers, Built Bridges

    A Southwestern cowgirl who will always be known as the first woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor inspired those around her with an indomitable work ethic, a deep affection for public service and an innate ability to drive consensus among her colleagues.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    November ended amid another action-packed week for the legal industry as BigLaw firms expanded their reach and showered associates with bonuses and higher pay. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse’s weekly quiz.

Expert Analysis

  • How AI Legal Research Tools Are Shifting Law Firm Processes Author Photo

    Although artificial intelligence-powered legal research is ushering in a new era of legal practice that augments human expertise with data-driven insights, it is not without challenges involving privacy, ethics and more, so legal professionals should take steps to ensure AI becomes a reliable partner rather than a source of disruption, says Marly Broudie at SocialEyes Communications.

  • Data Source Proliferation Is A Growing E-Discovery Challenge Author Photo

    With the increased usage of collaboration apps and generative artificial intelligence solutions, it's not only important for e-discovery teams to be able to account for hundreds of existing data types today, but they should also be able to add support for new data types quickly — even on the fly if needed, says Oliver Silva at Casepoint.

  • Bracing For A Generative AI Revolution In Law Author Photo

    With many legal professionals starting to explore practical uses of generative artificial intelligence in areas such as research, discovery and legal document development, the fundamental principle of human oversight cannot be underscored enough for it to be successful, say Ty Dedmon at Bradley Arant and Paige Hunt at Lighthouse.

  • Why I Use ChatGPT To Tell Me Things I Already Know Author Photo

    The legal profession is among the most hesitant to adopt ChatGPT because of its proclivity to provide false information as if it were true, but in a wide variety of situations, lawyers can still be aided by information that is only in the right ballpark, says Robert Plotkin at Blueshift IP.

  • How ALSPs And Generative AI Can Work Together Author Photo

    Alternative legal service providers can marry the best attributes of artificial and human intelligence to expedite turnarounds and deliveries for contract review, e-discovery and legal research, says Tariq Hafeez at LegalEase Solutions.

  • How Firms Can Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole With Data Security Author Photo

    In order to achieve a robust client data protection posture, law firms should focus on adopting a risk-based approach to security, which can be done by assessing gaps, using that data to gain leadership buy-in for the needed changes, and adopting a dynamic and layered approach, says John Smith at Conversant Group.

  • How To Thrive As A New Legal Operations Manager Author Photo

    To make their first 90 days on the job a success, new legal operations managers should focus on several key objectives, including aligning priorities with leadership and getting to know their team, says Ashlyn Donohue at LinkSquares.

  • Resume Gaps Are No Longer Kryptonite To Your Legal Career Author Photo

    Female attorneys and others who pause their careers for a few years will find that gaps in work history are increasingly acceptable among legal employers, meaning with some networking, retraining and a few other strategies, lawyers can successfully reenter the workforce, says Jill Backer at Ave Maria School of Law.

  • Law Firm Guardrails For Responsible Generative AI Use Author Photo

    ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools pose significant risks to the integrity of legal work, but the key for law firms is not to ban these tools, but to implement them responsibly and with appropriate safeguards, say Natalie Pierce and Stephanie Goutos at Gunderson Dettmer.

  • How In-House Counsel Can Prepare For Generative AI Risks Author Photo

    To safeguard against the many risks posed by generative artificial intelligence legal tools, in-house counsel should work with their information security teams to develop new data security questions for prospective vendors, vet existing applications and review who can utilize machine guidance, says Diane Homolak at Integreon.

  • Opinion

    We Must Continue DEI Efforts Despite High Court Headwinds Author Photo

    Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down affirmative action in higher education, law firms and their clients must keep up the legal industry’s recent momentum advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession in order to help achieve a just and prosperous society for all, says Angela Winfield at the Law School Admission Council.

  • Law Firms Cannot Ignore Attorneys' Personal Cybersecurity Author Photo

    Law firms that fail to consider their attorneys' online habits away from work are not using their best efforts to protect client information and are simplifying the job of plaintiffs attorneys in the case of a breach, say Mark Hurley and Carmine Cicalese at Digital Privacy and Protection.

  • Why Process Management Is Critical To Legal Tech Adoption Author Photo

    Corporate legal departments looking to implement new technology can avoid hiccups by taking steps to define the underlying business problem and to identify opportunities for process improvements before leaping to the automation stage, say Nadine Ezzie at Ezzie + Co., Kenneth Jones at Xerdict Group and Kathy Zhu at Streamline AI.

  • Law Firm Cybersecurity Should Not Get Lost In The Cloud Author Photo

    A recent data leak at Proskauer via a cloud data storage platform demonstrates key reasons why law firms must pay attention to data safeguarding, including the increasing frequency of cloud-based data breaches and the consequences of breaking client confidentiality, says Robert Kraczek at One Identity.

  • Advice For Summer Associates Uneasy About Offer Prospects Author Photo

    There are a few communication tips that law students in summer associate programs should consider to put themselves in the best possible position to receive an offer, and firms can also take steps to support those to whom they are unable to make an offer, says Amy Mattock at Georgetown University Law Center.



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