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IRS Delay Of 1099-K Threshold Could Prompt Legislative Fix

The Internal Revenue Service's decision to delay implementation of a change in law requiring peer-to-peer payment ... (more story)

The Tax Angle: R&D Deal, Tax-Writer Retirements

From a look at possible December tax legislation that could revive research and development tax breaks to planned ... (more story)

Narrow Ruling Expected In Justices' Repatriation Tax Review

Several tax law experts expect a narrow ruling on the constitutionality of the one-time repatriation tax after the... (more story)

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Trump Cancels Plan To Testify In NY Fraud Trial Defense

Donald Trump abruptly canceled his plans to testify in his defense on Monday in the New York attorney general's civil fraud case, announcing the decision in a series of social media posts on the eve of his exp... (more story)

Ayahuasca Church Not Tax-Exempt, US Tells DC Circ.

An Iowa church that used a federally illegal psychedelic in its rites was correctly denied tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service and a district court, the federal government told the D.C. Circuit o... (more story)

DC Circ. Questions Atty's Stance On Privacy Of His Tax Data

A D.C. Circuit panel appeared skeptical Friday of an expatriate attorney's argument that the Internal Revenue Service shouldn't have released his tax information in cases where he was challenging regulations u... (more story)

Hospital Dietitian Convicted Of Taking $500K In Tax Refunds

A hospital dietitian filed false tax returns with fictitious withholdings to claim unwarranted refunds of $500,000 and then gave the Internal Revenue Service a fake check for $1 million, according to her convi... (more story)

No Shortage Of Action For Energy Deal-Makers In 2023

A fresh wave of oil and gas industry consolidation, stiff macroeconomic headwinds for renewable energy development and the Inflation Reduction Act's growing influence are just some of the highlights of what's ... (more story)

COVERAGE RECAP: Day 42 Of Trump's NY Civil Fraud Trial

Law360 reporters are providing live coverage from the courthouse as former President Donald Trump goes on trial in the New York attorney general's civil fraud case. Here's a recap from day 42.

Hunter Biden Hit With Tax Charges In Calif.

A Los Angeles federal grand jury returned an indictment Thursday evening charging Hunter Biden with failing to pay more than $1 million in federal taxes over a four-year period and other tax-related offenses, ... (more story)

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NY Marina Challenges Town's Pier Construction Permit Fee

A marina and its owner have filed a proposed class action against two governing boards of a New York town in federal court, alleging that an administrative fee the town charges for the development of docks and... (more story)

Trump Expert Tells NY Trial Court There's No Sign Of Fraud

Donald Trump returned to his civil fraud trial in person Thursday as his final expert witness testified there was no evidence of accounting fraud by the former president, who stands accused of falsifying his f... (more story)

Congress Members Pitch Bill Letting States Set Pot Policy

Members of Congress on Thursday unveiled a revamped version of a bipartisan bill to allow states, tribes and U.S. territories to implement their own marijuana policies without interference from federal prohibition.

Microsoft Shareholders Reject Tax Transparency Plan

Microsoft shareholders struck down a proposal for public country-by-country reporting of tax data Thursday, the latest rejection of efforts to convince investors that such transparency is inexpensive, valuable... (more story)

COVERAGE RECAP: Day 41 Of Trump's NY Civil Fraud Trial

Law360 reporters are providing live coverage from the courthouse as former President Donald Trump goes on trial in the New York attorney general's civil fraud case. Here's a recap from day 41.

Ohio Senators Rewrite Voter-Approved Pot Legalization

The Ohio State Senate spent Wednesday evening passing last-minute revisions to Ohio Issue 2, which legalized marijuana in the state, to decrease the amount an adult could possess while allowing some to be grown at home.

New York MTA Board Approves Congestion Pricing Tolls

The board of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Wednesday approved new tolls under a controversial first-in-the-nation plan to charge all drivers entering midtown Manhattan a fee ranging from ... (more story)

Breaking Down High Court's New Code Of Conduct

The U.S. Supreme Court recently adopted its first-ever code of conduct, and counsel will need to work closely with clients in navigating its provisions, from gift-giving to recusal bids, say Phillip Gordon and... (more story)

Trump's NY Gag Appeal Claims Laughable, Judge's Atty Says

The New York state trial court that hit Donald Trump with gag orders in his civil fraud case defended those decisions Wednesday in an appellate filing, calling Trump's alleged free speech injuries "risible" co... (more story)

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Pepsi Must Pay Royalty Withholding Taxes, Aussie Court Says

Pepsi cannot escape royalty withholding taxes on payments made between its subsidiaries in Australia and Singapore under contracts with Schweppes designed to conceal consideration for intellectual property rig... (more story)

Judge Warns Fake AI Citations May Undermine Legal System

A U.K. tribunal warned of the "many harms" in submitting fake legal opinions generated through artificial intelligence, after finding a woman battling a tax bill submitted nine cases that did not exist to supp... (more story)

New EU Chair Eyes Shell Law, Digital VAT Overhaul

Belgium, in its role as incoming chair of European Union meetings, wants to move forward with a law cracking down on shell companies as well as an overhaul of value-added tax laws to move them more in line wit... (more story)

India's Top Court Says Steel Co. Is Owed $3.8M For Deduction

An Indian steel company is entitled to an additional tax deduction of nearly 320 million rupees ($3.8 million), the Supreme Court of India ruled, agreeing with the company that the market price for calculating... (more story)

IRS' Foreign Penalty Power Rightly Curtailed, DC Circ. Told

A businessman who persuaded the U.S. Tax Court to declare the IRS powerless to unilaterally collect foreign-business reporting penalties asked the D.C. Circuit to let the decision stand, saying the agency is t... (more story)

A&O Says Nationwide's Negligence Led To £75M Tax Bill

Allen & Overy LLP has denied owing Nationwide Building Society £75 million ($94 million) in tax liability for failing to submit applications to list notes on the London Stock Exchange, saying that the loss was... (more story)

UAE Extradites British Trader To Denmark In Tax Fraud Case

Sanjay Shah has been extradited from the United Arab Emirates to Denmark, where the British hedge fund trader is wanted by Danish authorities for allegedly masterminding a £1.44 billion ($1.8 billion) tax frau... (more story)